CMT Scanner.

Providing the automotive industry a fully integrated vehicle damage assessment and repair solution with market leading scanning technology, automated reporting systems and highly skilled repair technicians.

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High Quality Imagery

Drive through a CMT scanner and within seconds review a 360-degree view of high-quality images documenting any imperfections upon arrival or departure.

Reduce the risk of opportunistic and rogue damage claims. Improve labor efficiencies, allowing more time for human engagement.

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Instant Quotation

As the automotive industry evolves, the customer life cycle and retention within after-sales service become even more vital.

CMT Scanner allows dealerships to autonomously offer SMART repairs, which can be provided during a scheduled service.


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Repair Management

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence provides SMART repair quotes within seconds before autonomously communicating via SMS for approval.

 End-to-end seamless workflow management for both retail and wholesale inspections, quotations, and repairs



The Modern Day Franchise Dealership

The Modern Day Franchise Dealership

Since the first dealership opened in 1889, franchise dealers have relied on purchasing from OEMs, applying their desired margins to the wholesale price to make a profit. Recently, with Tesla's direct-to-consumer sales model, we've witnessed a significant shift in the...

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Embracing the Future of Automotive Retail

Embracing the Future of Automotive Retail

CMT Scanner's Vital Role in the AutoMall Model CMT Scanner has long predicted that the real estate model of franchise dealerships is set to change, with more consolidation of operators and franchises into "AutoMalls." These centralized automotive retail hubs, similar...

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Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity

Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity

CMT Scanner Stands Strong Amidst Industry Cyber Attacks In today's digital age, cybersecurity is paramount. Recent events have highlighted this need dramatically, as a cyber attack on CDK Global has disrupted operations for nearly 15,000 car dealerships across North...

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