About Us

CMT Scanner is brought to you by a new generation of industry experts and engineers with expertise in computer vision, machine learning and frictionless automation.

Our mission is to provide our clients with world-class innovations and emerging technology that enable you to stay at the forefront of your industry.

As a world-leader in vehicle scanning solutions (and the supporting services that combine to create an integrated, frictionless customer experience) we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that solve modern business problems in the automotive industry – reliance on human resources, inconsistency, cost risks (through rogue claims) and poor customer experience.

So CMT Scanner was founded, developed and tested in Australia for the industry, by the industry.

For the Industry

CMT Scanner was initially developed to service multinational insurance companies by offering the ability to quickly, consistently and transparently assess vehicle panel damage in the wake of catastrophic hail events.

Since 2020 we have continued to develop this technology to enable automotive groups, dealerships and service centres to autonomously provide vehicle appraisals and repairs within their service offering.

But the use case for the CMT Scanners continue to grow, with interest from rental car companies, fleet managers, logistics providers, OEMs and more.

 With continual research and development, the CMT Scanner will continue to be the world-leader for automated vehicle damage assessment, quotation and repair.

By the Industry

We come from a vehicle repair background, as founders of Hail Response Team and The Dent Academy, the leading training providers for Paintless Dent Removal.

In our own experience, we found that the assessment of repairs was really dependent on the individual assessing the vehicle – their experience and their skill set – and that determined the success of the assessment and repair process.

The process was also slow and inconsistent.

We needed to be able to capture the data consistently and transparently, and be able to put that data against a pricing matrix to provide consistent and reliable results.

The CMT Scanner was developed to solve the industry’s immediate problems, improve efficiency, consistency and customer experience.

Our Values


Results First

  • Reasons and excuses come second
  • Complete the task to the best of your ability
  • Honour the process and the results will show
  • Follow the systems consistently
  • Achieve the result in the most efficient way possible

Unquestionable Quality

  • Set unquestionable quality as your standard
  • Ask yourself: ‘Could you do it better?’
  • Give 100% at all times
  • Ask yourself: ‘Did I do my best?’

Go Above & Beyond

  • Provide the little extra that will go a long way
  • What’s the one thing extra you an do that will leave them feeling valued?

Embrace Mastery

  • Have a sense of accomplishment by achieving perfection
  • Stay hungry – be open for change and new ideas
  • Always strive for excellence

Play It Fair & Play It Straight

  • Always tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Always do the right thing to maintain credibility and integrity
  • Treat others how you want to be treated

We Are A Team

  • Respect everyone as equal. Everyone’s role is valuable
  • Be willing to help others excel with your skill and knowledge
  • Always encourage and empower
  • Show appreciation – say “Thank You”

There's Always A Way

  • Never limit yourself – always challenge yourself
  • Always seek to achieve the task at hand
  • Ask yourself: ‘Have you exhausted all options?’

Have Fun & Have A Laugh

  • When it’s easy, have fun
  • When it’s tough, have a laugh