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If you are wanting to drive additional revenue, reduce your risk profile or simply provide a better customer experience, CMT Scanner has the solution for you.

Our technology provides an efficient, consistent, transparent and integrated solution to many of the challenges facing the automotive industry.

In a time of uncertainty for dealerships, we offer the opportunity to diversify revenue streams, increase efficiency and retain customers through an improved customer experience.



Minimise Risk

Capture and document all prior damage within seconds, when the vehicle arrives. Reduce the stress and costs associated with rogue claims. (Learn More > Take to the Cost Savings Section)

Earn Incremental Revenue

Upsell dent repairs as part of your service offering, receiving 30% margin on approved repair work – all completed by highly trained technicians as part of the integrated solution.

Increase Productivity

With autonomous quoting and DMS integration, there is increased efficiency and consistency without the need for additional labour.

Improve Customer Retention

Provide an enhanced customer service offering within the same time frame as a standard service, saving your customers’ time and building trust.

Cost Savings

By capturing existing damage within seconds of the vehicle arriving, CMT Scanner reduces the risk of rogue damage claims (which research shows can cost dealerships and service centres in excess of $80K per year.)

The vehicle condition is documented and saved to the integrated file system, making it accessible within seconds if a damage claim is made. This increases transparency and reduces the need for staff to have uncomfortable conversations or repair damage at the dealership’s expense.


Revenue Opportunities

According to data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), servicing is the most important slice of the dealership revenue pie at 45%. Incorporating Paintless Dent Removal with the CMT Scanner offers an opportunity to extend this service revenue without lifting a finger or adding additional staff.

The technology autonomously upsells any potential panel repairs directly with the customer, providing greater value to your customers while significantly boosting your service centre revenue.

Time Saving, Streamlined Operations

The CMT Scanner is revolutionising the vehicle assessment workflow across the automotive industry.

Our clients tells us that it takes a service-centre representative upwards of 3-4 minutes to assess damage to a car, document it in digital photographs and share the information with clients. The resulting assessment is depending on the skill and attention-to-details of the representative.

CMT Scanner removes the human element from assessing to provide 100% accuracy, transparency and instant results.

The CMT Scanner provides full scanning, assessment and documentation of dents and damage within a 10 second scan, with automated reports provided to the centre (and their clients, if desired).

For dealerships and service centres, this increased efficiency leads to:

  • Cost-savings on staff
  • Improved staff satisfaction (no more manually assessing cars in the cold, rain or extreme weather)
  • More efficient use of staff resources.

The CMT Scanner technology is fully customisable set-up to meet your needs and workflow, minimising disruptions to your current operations.


Customer Satisfaction

Set yourself apart from your competitors and increase customer retention by extending and modernising your service offering.

Reduce bottlenecks and client wait times (especially during peak times) with a more streamlined, efficient way of assessing the vehicle (just a 10 second scan captures all the information needed).

As the technology focuses on the vehicle, your team can focus on the customer, ensuring their experience is a positive one.


Full Solution

Our scanning solutions leverage the combination of the latest technology and highly-skilled, reliable repair partners.

An integrated repair network allows for technicians to be assigned the repair order as soon as the customer provides authority to proceed, ensuring repairs are completed during a regular service time.

There is a seamless connection between the scan technology and the repairer, so no extra staff or management resources are needed.

CMT scanner works in partnership with leading training provider The Dent Academy to ensure our repairers are highly skilled and have a proven framework to guide their work. This results in consistent, high quality repairs.




  • Hardware – CMT Scanner
  • Onsite installation
  • Onsite face-to-face team onboarding (1 week)
  • 24 hour phone support
  • All software integration (File Management System) and updates
  • Routine hardware maintenance (guaranteed no downtime)

Our Repair Technicians

Our CMT Scanner solutions leverage the combination of scanning technologies and highly qualified repair technicians.

Our integrated repair network allows for technicians to be assigned the repair order as soon as the customer provides authority via text message. This ensures repairs are completed during the regular service time.

Technicians are assigned to client locations and are available to complete the repairs quickly and consistently, within a set pricing matrix.

CMT scanner works in partnership with leading training provider The Dent Academy to ensure our repairers are highly skilled, reliable and have a proven framework to guide their work

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