The Importance of Tire Alignment and How CMT Scanner Elevates Your Service Offering

In the automotive industry, ensuring that vehicles operate at peak performance is paramount. One often overlooked aspect of vehicle maintenance is tire alignment. Proper tire alignment not only enhances the driving experience but also extends the life of the tires, ensuring safety and cost-efficiency for vehicle owners.

According to Kaleb Silver, senior product manager for Hunter Engineering, approximately 60 percent of vehicles on the road are out of alignment. This misalignment is frequently imperceptible to drivers, making regular checks against manufacturer specifications essential.

Why Tire Alignment Matters

  • Irregular Tire Wear: Tires wear unevenly, reducing their lifespan and necessitating premature replacement.
  • Handling Problems: A misaligned vehicle may pull to one side, making it difficult to maintain control and increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Crooked Steering Wheel: This can be a clear indicator of alignment issues and can affect the driver’s ability to steer accurately.
  • Increased Maintenance Costs: Ignoring alignment issues can lead to more significant problems, requiring costly repairs.
  • Impact on Driver Assist Systems: Modern vehicles equipped with advanced driver-assist systems may malfunction if alignment issues are not addressed.

The Role of CMT Scanner

Given the critical importance of tire alignment, it is essential for service centers to offer precise and timely alignment checks. This is where the CMT Scanner comes in. The CMT Scanner can instantly analyze the alignment and tread depth of every vehicle as it arrives for service. This provides an unparalleled level of customer service and opens up significant revenue opportunities for dealerships and service centers.

Benefits of Using CMT Scanner for Tire Alignment

  • Immediate Detection: The CMT Scanner instantly reads tire depth and alignment, ensuring that any issues are identified as soon as the vehicle arrives.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: By providing customers with immediate feedback on their vehicle’s condition, you can offer them timely solutions, enhancing their overall service experience.
  • Upselling Opportunities: The CMT Scanner’s ability to detect misalignment and other tire issues allows service centers to recommend necessary repairs on the spot. This not only increases revenue but also builds trust with customers by proactively addressing potential safety concerns.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: Automating the alignment check process means that service centers can handle a higher volume of vehicles more efficiently. This scalability ensures that all customers receive the same high standard of care without additional labor costs.
  • Educational Value: Educating customers about the importance of tire alignment and the benefits of regular checks can lead to increased acceptance of recommended services, driving higher repair order values.

Case for EVs

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are heavier than their internal combustion counterparts, causing tires to wear faster. The CMT Scanner’s advanced analysis capabilities are particularly beneficial for EV owners, as regular alignment checks can significantly extend tire life and ensure optimal performance.


The CMT Scanner represents a leap forward in vehicle maintenance technology, particularly in the realm of tire alignment. By incorporating the CMT Scanner into your service offerings, you can provide exceptional customer service, enhance safety, and boost your service center’s revenue. Don’t let misalignment issues go unnoticed—equip your service center with the CMT Scanner and ensure every vehicle that rolls through your doors is road-ready and safe.