We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between CMT Scanner and HBC Wheel Restore, the global leaders in smart repair and fully automatic machines for alloy wheel cutting.

This collaboration brings together the latest advancements in automotive repair technology, offering dealerships unparalleled opportunities to enhance their service capabilities and revenue streams.

Seamless Drive-Through Quotation: Retail and Wholesale

Imagine a dealership where every vehicle entering the service lane is instantly scanned and assessed for repair needs. With the integration of HBC Wheel Restore’s WR-DCM3 and CMT Scanner’s advanced technology, this vision is now a reality. The WR-DCM3 is the latest in diamond cut wheel repair technology, capable of making precise micromillimeter adjustments to damaged wheels while preserving their structural integrity. This fully automated machine ensures a perfect finish with the quickest turnaround time available.

No-Cost Installation and Instant Revenue

Dealerships can install a CMT Scanner at no cost, transforming their service drive into a high-tech inspection and quotation hub. The CMT Scanner autonomously drives through and quotes for both retail and wholesale repairs, streamlining the entire process. When it comes to executing these repairs, dealerships have several flexible options:

  1. Sublet Repairs with Onsite Approved Repairers: Partner with CMT Scanner’s network of approved repairers and enjoy a revenue share on all completed repairs.
  2. Upskill Existing Staff: Utilize our sister training academy to enhance the skills of your current workforce, enabling them to handle advanced repairs.
  3. Scale Existing Operations: If your dealership already has the labor and repair machinery, CMT Scanner helps scale up your operations, reducing costs and expanding repair volumes.

Advanced Alloy Wheel Repair Technology

The WR-DCM3 machine is a game-changer for alloy wheel repairs. It features simple, intuitive software designed and engineered in Denmark, which visualizes each repair step on a touch screen interface. The machine’s capabilities include:

  • Automated Multi-Cutting: Perform up to three cuts without operator intervention, increasing efficiency.
  • Auto Positioning: Ensures precise and faster results by calibrating the distance from the laser to the cutting tool.
  • Diagnostics Screen: Provides a comprehensive overview of the machine’s status, aiding in support and troubleshooting.
  • Quick Settings: Pre-defined modes make it easier to cut rims accurately and efficiently.
  • Handling Rims with or without Tires: Saves time and increases productivity by allowing repairs without removing tires.

Join Us at the AADA Show in Melbourne

This partnership is set to revolutionize the way dealerships approach vehicle inspections and repairs, driving efficiency, and new revenue streams. We invite you to witness this innovation firsthand at this year’s AADA show in Melbourne on the 24th and 25th of July. Visit us to see live demonstrations of the CMT Scanner and HBC Wheel Restore in action and learn how these technologies can transform your dealership’s operations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving industry. Discover how CMT Scanner and HBC Wheel Restore can propel your business into the future, ensuring sustainable growth and customer satisfaction. See you at the AADA show!