In the wake of a major Hail Catastrophe Event, thousands of vehicles can be damaged within seconds. To determine the method of repair these vehicles need to be assessed, a process traditionally taking months to complete.

A CMT Hail Scanner can be mobilised to any site and operational within 48 hours of an event, providing an end to end assessment within second. Each scanner having the capacity to assess over one thousand vehicle per day.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer vision and pricing allow for an end to end assessment taking into account various panel repair options, painting, parts and salvage pricing.

In mass repair centres, repairs can also benefit from ‘progress scans’ keeping the customer updated on their repair status and maintaining Quality Assurance (QA).




Greater Transparency

Assessment and repair methods are based upon real data set in collaboration between the insurer and their contracted repair provider 

Cost Saving

Reduce Third Party Assessing (TPA) costs and the risk of additional repair supplements. Integration with salvage pricing for instant decision making.

Increase Productivity

Leverage technology when a hail storm strikes to avoid disruption of BAU claims. Instant repair data to begin repairing vehicles immediately.

Policy Retention

Provide an enhanced customer service experience with greater transparency and communication.

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