As dealerships seek to enhance their customer experience and streamline operations, many are turning to innovative solutions like CMT Scanner to revolutionize their service lanes. One common question we often hear is, “Can CMT Scanner work outside?” Let’s delve into this and explore how the environment can impact the performance of our cutting-edge technology.

Optimal Conditions for CMT Scanner
Just like our employees, who may be able to perform outside in the elements of the weather, the CMT Scanner can operate outdoors, but it’s essential to understand that the environment may affect its performance. Our technology relies on advanced computer vision, akin to the human eye. If the sun is shining directly into the camera lens, for example, it may impact the output of the inspection. Therefore, we do suggest to keep it under cover and aware from as many variable element as possible, this will only ensure a more consistent inspection criteria.

Can customer drive through?
It’s important to note that CMT Scanner isn’t just about documenting vehicle imperfections. It’s also about instantly quoting repairs and using AI to analyze same-day repair opportunities. The better the data quality input into the system, the better the result and return on investment (ROI). While customers can drive through the scanner at the point of entry, it’s crucial to consider user behavior. Some customers may be unaware of the scanner’s purpose or may prefer not to be photographed in their vehicle.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Results
Based on our experience, placing the archways at the end of the service drive often yields better results. This allows customers to see their vehicle being documented immediately after handover, reinforcing the dealership’s commitment to maintaining the condition of their asset. Service advisors can emphasize that their vehicle will receive an “exterior health check” and any same-day improvement opportunities will be communicated via SMS. 

Customized Hardware Solutions
One of the key advantages of CMT Scanner is our ability to build each scanner in-house and to order. This ensures that each piece of hardware is a perfect fit for your service lane. Whether a larger or taller scanner is required for commercial trucks or if the driveway is six lanes wide, we can easily accommodate these needs by installing multiple scanners back to back. Despite their versatility, our scanners take up only as much footprint as a standard bollard, maximizing drive efficiency and real estate.

While CMT Scanner is versatile enough to operate outdoors, maximizing its effectiveness requires thoughtful consideration of environmental factors and strategic placement. By ensuring optimal conditions and leveraging the technology to its fullest potential, dealerships can enhance customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately drive greater ROI with CMT Scanner.