Rental & Fleet Management

For years, there has been a transparency gap between service provider and consumer, a stigma impacting brand trust on a global scale. CMT Scanner is changing the game, benefiting both the business and the consumer through consistent and transparent data.

Fully integrated into your management system, CMT Scanner capture the complete life of a vehicle. An instant road safety check alongside an external inspection with every pass through, improving operational speed, efficiency, and accountability.

Avoid bottlenecks during peak times with each vehicle being autonomously scanned upon entry and exit. Sharp and clear imagery of the entire vehicle is instantly provided to the driver, giving complete transparency and establishing strong brand trust. Artificial Intelligence provides the ability to instantly bill for any damages incurred during the lease period.



Minimise Risk

Capture and document a vehicles condition within seconds. Timestamped images assisting with inventory management

Install Billing

Third party assessment integration allows for instant billing if any damages are identified upon return

Increase Productivity

With autonomous condition reporting, quoting and CMS integration, there is increased efficiency and consistency without the need for additional labour

Improve Customer Retention

Provide an enhanced customer service experience whilst reducing unidentified damages

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