One common question we often encounter is, “What is involved from an operational point of view once the CMT Scanner hardware is installed, and does it integrate with my current systems?” Let’s delve into how CMT Scanner is designed to be a fully turnkey revenue generator for dealership service lanes and seamlessly integrates with existing systems to drive efficiency.

Seamless Integration and Operational Efficiency
Once the CMT Scanner hardware is installed, it becomes a revenue-generating asset for your dealership from day one. Our unique advantage lies in providing a fully integrated solution that minimizes risk and maximizes revenue. For example, upon arrival for a mechanical service, the exterior condition of the vehicle is documented, and any imperfections are instantly communicated to the customer via SMS. If approved, repairs can be executed promptly by the provided on-site repair technician, ensuring minimal disruption to the customer’s schedule.

Furthermore, CMT Scanner offers the option of receiving a full-time repair technician to assist with scaling resources and offering same-day express repairs. This technician can swiftly address identified issues, such as dents or scratches, ensuring vehicles are returned to customers in pristine condition without delaying their scheduled pick-up times. The dealership retains a 30% commission on repairs completed, providing an additional revenue stream without additional overhead costs.

Collaborative Workflow with Existing Systems
At CMT Scanner, we specialize in AI vehicle inspections, quotation, and repair workflow. We understand the importance of integrating seamlessly with the systems you already use to drive efficiency. Our technology can easily integrate with any Dealer Management System (DMS) or third-party systems you currently employ. For instance, if you’re manually taking condition images during your service driveway walkaround, CMT Scanner can populate this section of your current software, resulting in minimal disruption to your workflows and significant efficiency gains.

Moreover, CMT Scanner’s integration with existing systems enhances overall operational efficiency by ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing the need for additional staff training or complex workflow adjustments. By leveraging your dealership’s existing infrastructure, CMT Scanner seamlessly integrates into your daily operations, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.

With CMT Scanner, the operational process from installation to integration is streamlined to maximize revenue and minimize disruption. Our turnkey solution allows dealerships to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to offer same-day express repairs, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving additional revenue. By seamlessly integrating with existing systems, CMT Scanner ensures a smooth transition and enhances operational efficiency without adding complexity to your workflow.