CMT Scanner’s Vital Role in the AutoMall Model

CMT Scanner has long predicted that the real estate model of franchise dealerships is set to change, with more consolidation of operators and franchises into “AutoMalls.” These centralized automotive retail hubs, similar to furniture showrooms, allow customers to see, touch, and feel floor stock, customize their purchases, and return later to collect their new cars. A recent development by Eagers Automotive in Perth, Australia, underscores this shift, reinforcing our predictions and showcasing the future of automotive retail.

Eagers Automotive is moving eight high-volume franchise showrooms in Perth to a new AutoMall complex on Scarborough Beach Road. This strategic move saves the company millions in lease costs and consolidates multiple brands into a single, customer-centric location. The new AutoMall will feature showrooms, a central service center, EV charging stations, and community amenities like a café, creating a modern and convenient automotive retail experience.

CMT Scanner’s innovative technology will play a crucial role in this new model, enhancing dealership operations, customer retention, and overall experience. Our AI-driven system offers automated, high-resolution vehicle scans that accurately assess vehicle condition, tire tread, and alignment. This technology allows dealers to document vehicle arrivals meticulously, increasing transparency and efficiency.

For example, when a vehicle arrives at the dealership, CMT Scanner’s high-resolution images and AI analysis document its condition in detail. This not only helps in maintaining accurate records but also assists in identifying potential issues early. By communicating with customers via SMS, CMT Scanner suggests necessary repairs, enhancing aftersales opportunities and customer satisfaction. If a customer authorizes a repair, our system coordinates with onsite technicians to perform the work immediately, ensuring a seamless and efficient service process.

The centralized service centers in AutoMalls, equipped with CMT Scanner, can handle servicing and pre-delivery of vehicles more effectively. This reduces human error and workload, allowing for faster turnaround times and a better customer experience. By integrating our technology, AutoMalls can offer a more streamlined and efficient service, making it easier for customers to engage with multiple brands and complete their automotive needs in one location.

Eagers Automotive’s new AutoMall in Perth, along with similar plans for other cities, highlights a global trend towards more efficient and customer-friendly automotive retail environments. As dealerships move towards this innovative model, CMT Scanner’s advanced technology will be essential in driving operational excellence and enhancing the customer journey.

In conclusion, the future of automotive retail is here, and CMT Scanner is at the forefront, providing the vital technology needed to succeed in this evolving landscape. Our solutions not only improve efficiency and transparency but also create a superior customer experience, making us an indispensable part of the AutoMall concept.